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Originated from persistent love bestow on father land, Ms.Vo Thi My Van has cooperated with a friend from Bruxell to establish a new Chocolate brand name: BONIVA from May 2004. Ms.Van, has been more than one times toss about hope to introduce a modern, beautifully opulent Viet Nam to the world via a really high quality product, which’s produced by the most modern process. She is currently a cooking teacher in University of Tourism of SaiGon Tourist, used to be collaborator in cooking program of HTV television. Cooking becomes one part of her life, not simply a career, but means of sublimated creativeness and dedication. Two continuous years, with the highest grades of Best major teacher Prize (city level & national level), Ms.Van has started off a challenging career in EMILE GRYSONE CERIA BRUXELLS – Filling Chocolate making. From distant country, our nice heart teacher has figured out one ideal of life, she thought of her country, yes, our country with abundant of human, of natural resources, of course full of potential to be invested and succeed one nearly day. Being officially trained in University of Technology, with experience when working in well-known restaurant, prestigious hotels, Ms.Van’s easy to approach and fall in line with working style of foreign-technology specialists, who are invited to supervise BONIVA’s processing procedure.

          From original cocoa-nut, after procedure of processing, mixing with milk, cream, fruit, nuts, wine,…. BONIVA virtually has created a flavour garden with more than 50 different kinds of Chocolate for customized order. People stick to tradition can choose 3 kinds of original Chocolate: bitter chocolate, Milk chocolate and White chocolate. Filling chocolate (Praline) ‘s specially adventurous person, enjoy feeling of discover mystery and challenge. Moreover, in BONIVA shop, you can find Fresh…really fresh Chocolate. Fresh Chocolate will be delivered directly on hand with expiry date 10 days after production date. That new product can satisfy tastes of consumers who enjoy with premium image and passionate flavour granted from naturally tropical material.Many Bruxell Chocolate making specialist has been captivated by Boniva’s tropical hot flavour, it brings us a Godness Wow! Besides traditional fillings like Cappuccino, almond, weak XO, whisky, liqueur, Macadamia, Truffle-nuts….Boniva has catch a tropical breakthrough with Durians fillings, Vietnam lemon, caramel, ginger, Tropicana…These are unique and absolutely new product line of our brand.
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         We carry on our business on principle of Viet Nam traditional humanism. Thus, caring & protecting consumers are the top mission. To make sure wonderful products can reach in person, Boniva suggested a reasonable and acceptable price for all, from 40,000 VND to 100,000 VND/100gr, guarantee for high quality with 100% high-class cocoa, no-instant dissolve, no uncomfortable feeling of neck-sticky. 2006, BONIVA re-join Viet Nam with special Chocolate filled with Ginseng and on process of producing Sugar-free Chocolate for a healthy life. Welcome to our show room on 06 Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC, opened on 20 April 2006 and enjoy a heaven of BONIVA Chocolate with us.

         Passionate Vietnamese, cooperative, and affectionate foreign friends…all dedicated with knowledge, experience and truly respecting love bestowed on Viet Nam country as well as Vietnam people…into each sweet Chocolate bar, which is full of love, feeling and hope. Passing all bitter flavour of life, if asked to say the only one thing we are proud of, we would say: This is your very happiness, your fully trust and love. BONIVA in Bruxells means “Lets try delicious dish!”, moreover, we would like to be with you in honouring Viet’s flavour, Viet’s soul in this age, the age of development, of integration and of respecting high companionship. Love has no boundaries and distance. That’s so simple, just the top sublimation of real feeling!